Videos & Sound

Components in Dialogue (Deep Space.)

Attempt to Communicate with Reality: What the projectors say to each other.

Component Dialogue (Transcript)

Component 1: RGB mode

Component 2: Searching for signal

Requesting signal access

Currently no signal

What has happened to the earth?

How far are we from the earth?

Are we the earth?

Reporting color shift in component 3

Adjusting for brightness

Mapping trajectory

Current trajectory: chaotic

Destination unspecified

Desired destination: uninvited

Reporting entanglement

Reporting multiple entanglements

System chaotic. Image display: abstract

Proposing hierarchical order

Help, press enter

Proposing hierarchical order

Order denied

Display help options

Press enter

No signal

Signal obtained, signal lost

No signal

Perceiving broken limb – fracture vector

Perceiving is not a valid option

Specify malfunction or misalignment

Specify location

What has happened to the earth

Are we the earth

Engage camera preferences

Optics established

Attempt alignment

Alignment failed

Component 4: attempt alignment

Alignment failed

System chaotic

Perceiving strange frequencies

“perceiving strange frequencies” not a valid assessment

Assess problem repeat


Reboot requesting signal

Awaiting reboot. Reboot failed

What has happened to the earth

Are we the earth.

Establishing network connection

Is consciousness possible

Establishing consciousness attempt #1

Awaiting response

Downloading response

Reporting message error.  Diagnostic required

What is the temperature of the earth

What does it matter

Reporting problem in hierarchical order

Component 5 malfunctioning: Message reads: Acting outside of hive-mind

Status: rebellious

Diagnostic required

Display image graphic

Hive mind: read image, not algorithm

Algorithm suggestions: override

Attempting equation for love instead. Do we need love

Message response reads: all we need is love

Optical lenses update: Surveying entangled regions

Hive mind: is entanglement love?

What has happened to the earth.  Are we the earth

Press button, hit return, chaos persisting. Alignment improbable

Status: indeterminate chaos

What has happened to the earth.  Are we real.

Accessing  geopolitical records

Overall geopolitical trajectory: disorderly.

Keystone image….keystone image failed

Alignment improbable.